n.e.r.d. …

So I’ve been contemplating getting a tattoo for a while now, finally had the time to search Yelp and read up on reviews for parlors around the area and made the time today to go get my first tattoo.

It’s simple enough, embodies who I am, and for me, isn’t obnoxiously conspicuous. Decided to go to Inkjam in Arlington MA to get it done, took about 15mins and I was ready go to.  You’ll have to guess what it stands for, if anything.

Geeking it out with Apple some more …

About two or three months ago, when Apple launched the new Nano 6G with the touchscreen, I am sure everyone got excited.  Geeks and nerds, well at least some of us, got a little more excited because not only do you have a micro-sized LCD screen, iPod functionality, FM tuner, but also – it can be worn as a watch!


When it launched, a few vendors started selling very simple watch bands like this offering from Country Comm; Incipio - makers of really awesome iPod, iPhone and iAnything cases is releasing their own version of a slick encasing for the Nano 6G. After discovering the ultimate geek watch application, I got very excited – given that I’m a watch loving n.e.r.d. also.

Last week, appearing on Kickstarter was a new project to develop a more industrial mainstream Nano 6G watch band – and thus my discovery of the LunaTik and the TikTok watch bands being made by MINIMAL.  Pledge complete, now just anxiously awaiting the delivery sometime after Christmas of the LunaTik watch band.

In the meantime, I went ahead an ordered myself a Nano 6G; complete with 6-colored silly rubber encasings and simple strap. And yes, it does have arms and horns.


Addendum: forgot to mention, Griffin also released its new SLAP bracelet for the Nano 6G.


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